2021 Smell

The Roses

2021 TEDx Event Smell the Roses

Speakers and Videos

Sage Melton: Importance of Dance

Sage Melton is 15 years old from Carmel High School. Her TEDx talk is about the importance of dance and other art forms in a well-rounded education and how creative outlets are just as valuable as academics. She hopes her speech will help people understand how beneficial the arts are.


Sophia Carvalho: Slam Poetry

Sophia Carvalho is a 15 year old sophomore from Carmel High School. Her performance is self-written slam poetry. Her poem will help the community and world by inspiring teens to share their ideas in order to make the world a better place.


Madison Hart: Why do we Experience Burnout?

Madison Hart is a 17-year-old student at Carmel High School. The focus of Madison’s talk surrounds education, and more importantly, the nature of the educational atmosphere that inspires a love of learning.


Tosin Olakokun: Perfectionism vs Excellenece

Tosin Oladokun is 15 years old and is a 10th grader at Carmel High School. Her talk will be about the aspects of Perfectionism vs. Excellence. Her main lesson is she hopes the audience will understand how to define each one of those terms and understanding the mannerisms that go along with those terms.


Simona Matiyevsky: Healthy Minset to Achieve your Goals

She will be giving a talk about what a healthy mindset should look like and how the way people treat themselves is proportional to how their goals are achieved. She hopes that her talk will open up the idea of how being kind to oneself will allow people to carry out their goals in a more successful manner.


Anna Hight : Asian American bi-racial Identity

Anna talks about her experience of being an Asian American bi-racial identity. Her hope is to open some people's eyes about the struggles Asians and Asian Americans go through and also bring even more awareness towards racism in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.


Lillian Paul: The Garden of Roses

A self-written poem "The Garden of Roses" that calls people to action about looking past the "I'm fine" front many teens put up by 15 years old Lillian Paul. The poem's content is a reality for many teenage lives and will remind the community that although many high school students appear to be constantly happy and energetic, the harsh reality is that we all have our bad moments and often feel completely and utterly overwhelmed. Lillian is an active volleyball player, both indoor and beach. She is a competitive swimmer, traveler, and loves to jam out to music with her friends. Of course, Lillian is a poet and enjoys writing poetry during her free time.