2022 Event

Feed the Mind

April 2022 TEDx Event

Speakers and Videos

Peyton Kelly: What is Home?

Carmel High School Junior Peyton Kelly explores how specific influences can impact one's environment and definition of "home."

With her natural public speaking talent, her talk will guide the audience to pursue an understanding of their home and happiness.


Tosin Oladokun: Hair and Identity

Psychological Celebration of Natural Hair and Identity: Hair has always been a physical expression that tells the story, the culture, and the person of who it belongs to. Tosin recounts multiple instances of the story of her own hair and how and why people should celebrate and respect one's hair.


Sophia Carvalho: Poem "Self Love"

Sophia is our neighborhood poet! Sophia Carvalho hits the TED stage again, with her poem titled "Self Love," which illustrates and emotionally tells the struggles of finding her own self-love, finally reaching it and encouraging others to find it too.


Colin Dowse: Filmmaking

Colin is known to be one of the nation's most brightest and creative young filmmakers, Colin Dowse describes his story as a young filmmaker and those who inspired him along the way and connect with the film community. Colin Dowse is a Junior from Carmel High School, CA. Colin won the "Best Overall Film" at 2020 All American High School Film Festival, the world's largest high school film, and media arts festival.


Mya Schnader: Mental Health of Student Althletes

As a long time student-athlete, Mya Schander wants to give a taste of the darkness in the mental health of athletes. Her urgency in this situation is spread across her presentation, hoping the audience will be knowledgeable about this problem. Mya is a former long-time student-athlete.


Phoebe Varijian: Confidence vs Narcissism

Phoebe Varjian deeply questions the difference between narcissism and confidence, integrating multiple life examples of how she overcame the barrier of narcissism in order to be the confident and beautiful young lady she is today.


Grayden Miller: Meat or not to Meat

Grayden- Quite divergent to ordinary lifestyles in society, Grayden Miller's reasoning to vegetarianism might be the next solution of saving the planet from climate change and limiting anthropogenic pollutants. With the intent to slowly encourage others to incorporate elements of a plant-based way of life, she wants to make a long-lasting impact through the ideals of vegetarianism.


Urmi Sumant : Make Yoga and Meditation part of you to navigate your life

Core values of Indian culture, such as meditation and yoga, to improve modern life management. She believes the continuation of the ancient practices will benefit students, especially during the pandemic. A student teacher, entrepreneur, leader, committed volunteer--this is Urmi Sumant, a junior from Monta Vista High School. As a teacher at JET USA, a position usually reserved for adults, she educates first-generation American students on core values of Indian culture, such as meditation and yoga, to improve modern life management.